Sticker wedding car customized with name - Suzu Papers
Sticker wedding car customized with name - Suzu Papers

    Personalized Wedding Car Sticker

    14,90 €

      Would you like to decorate your wedding car individually for the big day? You can personalize this bumper sticker for the rear window with your own name and thus make the wedding trip unique for you and your guests.

      - Original jewelry for the wedding car

      - Personalized with the name of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding

      - Can be removed without leaving any residue

      - Dimensions: S: 40 x 9 cm; L: 58 x 13 cm

      - Material: vinyl film

      - Color white

      The sticker is not just a fancy wedding decoration idea for the rear window or car door. It can also be used at the wedding party for decoration on other smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, plastic, tiles and walls. The substrates should be latex and silicone free.

      Suzu Papers wedding bumper sticker

      What's in the box

      The individual motif made of thin white vinyl film is on a white backing paper. The delivery also includes a transparent transfer film for applying the sticker on the rear window of the wedding car or other smooth surfaces (see product description).

      assembly Instructions

      -Clean the area where the car tattoo is to be applied (with clear water without detergent) and let it dry completely.

      - Have a plastic card ready to smooth the car tattoo.

      - Put the supplied transparent transfer film with the adhesive side on the car sticker.

      - Use the card to press the transfer film onto the design and so on to transfer the car tattoo from the white film to the transparent film.

      - optional: If you want to arrange parts of your car tattoo differently, or if the motif is too large for simultaneous application, you can cut it into smaller parts with the scissors before you remove the carrier film.

      - Then turn the car tattoo over and pull the carrier film (white) slowly and evenly flat at an acute angle.

      - Please take care not to touch the adhesive side of the car sticker as this could impair the adhesive properties.

      - If the car tattoo is difficult to detach from the carrier film in some places, then re-insert the card at these points or press the corresponding point with your finger.

      - Stick on the car tattoo: Lift the car sticker at the two upper corners and stick it in the desired position. Make sure that the motif is taut and does not make waves.

      - Once a car tattoo is stuck, it is difficult to correct. Tip: take your time to stick it on and let two people do it for large motifsSupport this person.

      - Pull the car tattoo smooth and spread it evenly from top to bottom on the surface. Make sure that there are no wrinkles and bubbles in the motif.

      - Now carefully pull off the transfer film. Start again at one corner of the car sticker and remove the transfer film slowly and flat from top to bottom.

      - If a piece of the sticker sticks to the transfer film when you peel it off, fold the film back a little and rub with the card or your finger again with a little more pressure. Then slowly remove the transfer ribbon.

      - After you have peeled off the transparent film, press the car tattoo firmly again with a lint-free cloth.

      -Finished! We hope you enjoy it on your wedding day.




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