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3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers
3D Nachtlicht ERDKUGEL - Suzu Papers

    3D night light EARTH GLOBE


      This personalized 3D lamp made in Germany with a globe motif is the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. The unique lamp not only gives your room an atmospheric light, but is also a very special decoration with your personal memories. Surprise your partner, family and friends and give away this night light with your picture and an individual message.

      ✅ HIGH QUALITY: Made with the latest 3D technology, you can now bring the beautiful light of the globe into your own four walls. Your picture and saying will be printed on the lamp with clear textures and true to detail. The round sphere realistically reflects the surface of the earth. So you can hold the lamp perfectly in the palm of your hand and give it to your loved one.

      ✅ DIMMABLE COLOR LIGHTS: The lamp has 16 different colors that can be changed via remote control or touch function on the underside. You can also easily adjust the brightness of the light to your mood or the occasion using the remote control. The 3D globe is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged quickly and easily with the supplied USB cable.

      ✅ PERFECT PERSONALIZED GIFT: Prepare your loved ones with this unique gift idea - ideal for your partner as well as family and friends of all ages.

      ATTENTION: For personalization, we will remove the background of your image so that the people or faces are clearly shown in the print. The picture should be in JPG or PNG format and larger than 2 MB or at least 1000x1000 pixels in order to guarantee good print quality. The higher the photo resolution, the better the result. If you want to print a photo with 3 people, we recommend the minimum size of the lamp of 14 cm - for 4 people or more, this is 17 cm. The text for the saying should contain a maximum of 30 characters. Photo and text are printed together on one lamp. The photo is placed on the front and the text on the opposite side on the back. Please also note that the pure printing process for personalization can take well over 24 hours and you should therefore expect a delivery time of approx. 7 days after ordering and approval of the print preview.

      ✅ SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The surface of the globe consists of PLA (lactic acid-based plastic), a biodegradable material that is environmentally friendly and odorless. The included LED lamps are also low in energy and therefore generate very little heat. You can therefore enjoy the lamp in your everyday life without hesitation.


      • 1 x personalized 3D lamp with globe motif
      • 1 x wooden stand (available either in a round or square shape)
      • 1 x remote control for color and brightness settings 
      • 1 x USB charging cable (without power supply unit)

      Order process:

      • Select your desired size and stand type.
      • Place the order.
      • Please send us Your personal picture and optionally your text request immediately after the order by e-mail (info@suzupapers.de). Please note that we do not check spelling.
      • After we have received your order including picture and slogan, we will create a preview for you and send it to you by email for checking. Please check all details for accuracy. As soon as we have received your confirmation, we will start printing your personalized lamp.

      Product information:

      • Place of manufacture: Germany
      • Delivery time within Germany: 7-10 days
      • Delivery time within the EU: 12-15 days
      • Motif: globe (other motifs available in our shop)
      • Production method: Lithophane 3D printing with personalized picture and slogan
      • Light color: 16 colors, dimmable
      • Control: touch function or remote control
      • Material globe: Environmentally friendly PLA (white)
      • Material stand: wood (natural brown)
      • Globe diameter: 14 cm, 17 cm or 19 cm
      • Dimensions stand (W / H / D): 10,0x10,0x2,5 cm
      • Light source: LED lamp, voltage: 5V, power: 1W
      • Battery type: lithium-ion, rechargeable and durable, 500mAh, rechargeable via USB cable (USB DC5V)
      • Charging time: 1-2 hours, operating time: 6-12 hours (depending on brightness)
      • Certification: CE and ROHS

      Important hints:

      • Since the lamp is designed individually for you, the order cannot be canceled after the 3D printing has started. We'll send you a design preview to check before the lamp goes to print. Please ensure that all information, including spelling, is correct.
      • Since the lamp is personalized with your picture and slogan, it cannot be exchanged. A return is therefore not possible.
      • Please make sure you have allowed enough time to wait for delivery before placing your order. Due to the personalization and the printing time, the average delivery time is 7-10 days. Thank you for your understanding.
      • Please note that the image on the globe is created solely by the differently pronounced contours. The surface is completely white when switched off. When switched on, the “dark-light” contrast creates a monochrome image in the respective LED light color.
      • Please note that the color of the product images may differ from the original product depending on the screen and only the lamp without decoration is for sale.
      • Please use a standard 5V constant voltage charger to charge the lamp with the included USB cable.

      Operating instructions:

      • Touch the metal ring or tap the bottom of the moon lamp to turn the light on or off and change its color.
      • Alternatively, you can use the remote control to control the color and brightness.
      • Plug the DC plug into the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp to charge the lamp. During the charging process, a small red light lights up until the lamp is fully charged.
      • If the lamp does not light up as intended, charge it for 1-2 hours and try again. Also check the brightness setting, as the darkest level is barely visible in daylight.


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