Menu card EUCALYPTUS - Suzu Papers
Menu card EUCALYPTUS - Suzu Papers
Menu card EUCALYPTUS - Suzu Papers

    Menu Card EUKALYPTUS


      For a coherent overall concept for your wedding stationery, order the matching menu and drink cards for our EUKALYPTUS design line. Choose between the following three options: menu card printed on one side, beverage card printed on one side, two-sided printing with the menu card on the front and the beverage card on the back.

      -Modern design with eucalyptus leaves

      -High quality print

      -300g strong premium paper matt

      -Format: DIN long (105 x 210 mm)

      -Colors: green, gold

      -Minimum order: 25 cards

      To complete the cards, we need your wedding menu or beverage selection from you. Please send us the required data immediately after placing your order by email stating the order number. Please contact us with any questions or other text requests before You place the order.

      Order a sample card: In order to convince yourself of the quality of the card and the print, we offer you the opportunity to order a sample card. Simply select the number of pieces 1. Please note that the sample card contains the texts and photos as shown and cannot be individualized. Together with the sample card, you will receive a discount code for the amount you have paid for the sample. If you like the menu card / drinks card, you can redeem this code when you buy additional cards from

      Quantity Discount

      number of pieces Price per card Total Price
      1 (pattern) 1,20€ 1,20€
      25 1,20€ 30,00€
      50 0,90€ 45,00€
      75 0,75€ 56,25€
      100 0,68€ 68,00€
      125 0,60€ 75,00€
      150 0,53€ 79,50€
      175 0,49€ 85,75€
      200 0,45€ 90,00€




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