Dankeskarte GREEN&CREAM - Suzu Papers
Dankeskarte GREEN&CREAM - Suzu Papers
Dankeskarte GREEN&CREAM - Suzu Papers

    Thank you card GREEN & CREAM


      A wedding is particularly unforgettable due to the many beautiful moments that you experience together with the wedding guests. Therefore, a thank you card should not be missing, with which you can express your gratitude for the congratulations, gifts, contributions and support in the preparations.

      - Versatile design in white and green

      - High quality double-sided quality printing

      - 300g strong premium paper matt

      - Format: DIN long landscape (210 x 105 mm)

      - Colors: green, white, beige, gold

      - Minimum order: 25 cards

      With the thank you card GREEN & CREAM you can thank your loved ones for the nice day and the great attentions. The design is coordinated with the rest of the stationery in the series and ensures ffor a coherent overall concept for your wedding stationery.

      To complete the cards we need two pictures of you, the first name of the couple, the location and the date of the wedding (DD / MM / YYYY). Please send us the required data immediately after placing your order by email stating the order number. Please note: FIf the resolution of your images is too low, the print result can appear "pixelated" (or grainy). To avoid this we need for a high quality print a resolution of the photos of at least 300 dpi. Please contact us with any questions or other text requests before You place the order.

      Order a sample card: In order to convince yourself in advance of the quality of the card and the print, we offer you the opportunity to order a sample card. Simply select the number 1 for this. Please note that the sample card contains the texts and photos as shown and cannot be individualized. Together with the sample card, you will receive a discount code for the amount you paid for the sample. If you like the Save the Date card, you can redeem this code when purchasing additional cards via suzupapers.com.

      Quantity Discount

      number of pieces Price per card Total Price
      1 (pattern) 1,20€ 1,20€
      25 1,20€ 30,00 €
      50 0,90€ 45,00€
      75 0,75€ 56,25€
      100 0,68€ 68,00€
      125 0,60€ 75,00€
      150 0,53€ 79,50€
      175 0,49€ 85,75€
      200 0,45€ 90,00€




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