DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box
DIY birthday box

    DIY Birthday Box HAPPY

    4,90€ 12,90€

      DIY template HAPPY for printing and self-made - Homemade birthday present ideal for vouchers or money presents

      • Digital DIY template for downloading, printing and self-crafting
      • Self-made, personal birthday present for your family and friends
      • Available languages: German, English
      • Instant PDF download

        Are you looking for a personal birthday gift for friends or family? With the DIY template "Happy" you can create a great self-made birthday present without much knowledge of handicrafts and with just a few tools. Your loved ones will be happy about an individual self-made gift that comes from the heart. The PDF template is available for you to download immediately after purchase. In addition to the template designs, the PDF contains tips and tricks for crafting with paper and detailed instructions for creating the box. Simply print out the template at home and start creating your own individual gift! The box (exploding box) is designed in different shades of blue and surprises the recipient when unfolding the side walls of the gift box. The interior of the box unites all elements that belong to a birthday party: streamers, balloons, confetti and of course a birthday cake. The birthday cake forms the center of the box and is surrounded by a side pocket and an envelope for cash gifts or vouchers. You can also include photos, small gifts, greetings or a poem in the box and personalize it in your own way.

        This product is a digital handicraft template for printing. No physical product will be shipped! Please note that depending on your printer and printer paper, your color result may differ from the product images.

        DIY Template Birthday Explosion Box Gift box handicraft

        To create the box you need:

        • DIY template HAPPY and a program to open PDF files
        • Printer paper for design templates (DIN A4, 200-250g, min. 7 pages)
        • Color printer (with specifications for printing min. XNUMXg thick paper)
        • Scissors
        • Ruler
        • Cutter
        • Paper or craft glue
        • Adhesive tape (Tesa)
        • 1 toothpick

        Nice to have:

        These tools help to work faster and cleaner, but are not a must:
        • Double-sided adhesive tape
        • 3D-adhesive points
        • Precision scissors
        • Precision cutter (craft knife)
        • folding stick

        File format for download:

        • PDF

        Time needed:

        • 60-90 minutes

        Level of difficulty:

        • Medium

        Dimensions of the box:

        • 10 x 10 x 10 cm


        • Blue, turquoise, white, apricot


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