"With our gift boxes we strive to make the special moments in the life of your loved ones even more beautiful. We want to create something that gives joy to both, the giver and the recipient, and that remains in their memory. The basic idea of our products is always to bring people closer together."

Susanne Meixner - Co-founder of Suzu Papers



Handicrafts are our greatest passion and therefore we made it our profession in November 2016 with the introduction of Suzu Papers. We are convinced that passion produces the best and most creative ideas and is therefore the key to our unique products.  



At Suzu Papers we create handmade gift (explosion) boxes with a uniquely designed interior when the box is opened. Typical symbols for special occasions are designed in a modern way and combined with selected decorative elements. The designs for the gift box are first created on the computer, then iteratively improved by the Suzu Papers core team and when finalized, cut out with a cutting plotter or laser machine. All paper elements are folded and glued by hand. The box is then decorated with additional paper and plastic elements. At the end, the completed gift box is securely packed and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible.



All our boxes are handmade in Germany. Our main office is located in the beautiful state of Baden-Württemberg. We are equipped with all required tools to work creatively and guarantee the highest product quality possible. Our new product line of digital gift boxes is created with the support of multiple customer feedbacks and brings together new innovative ideas to our customers. 



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