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Happy Easter! Pretty Easter decorations quickly and easily homemade!

by Stefanie Ruff on March 11, 2021

Hello my dear!

We used this sunny March weekend to try out a great decoration idea for Easter for you. These pretty Easter eggs are not only suitable to get your home in the mood for Easter, they also look great in an Easter basket between chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies!

Suzu Papers - Easter Egg DIY

For the Easter eggs you need the following utensils:

You have to blow out chicken eggs before use:

It's best to do this the day before so that they can dry well. To do this, clean them thoroughly from dirt and bacteria with vinegar and washing-up liquid. Any colored batch stamps on the eggs can easily be removed with vinegar.

To blow it out, you take a thick needle, carefully pierce the eggs at both ends and then blow them out with your mouth or a straw. Then rinse the eggs inside by placing them several times in a bowl with vinegar and washing-up liquid so that they fill with water. Then you cover both holes, shake them carefully and then blow the water out again.

Plastic eggs should be roughened a little with sandpaper so that the color holds better.
Once all the eggs have been prepared, you can start painting.

Suzu Papers - DIY Easter decorations  Suzu Papers - Happy Easter - Easter decorations quick and easy to make yourself

First mix the colors of your choice. A little tip: with a lot of white and very little color, you gradually feel your way around to find the optimal color. Make sure you mix enough color so that you don't have the problem of getting exactly the same shade again later.

We decided on a pastel light blue, gray and different shades of pink and beige.
Now paint any circles on your eggs, let them dry briefly and then apply a second layer.
The paint dries very quickly, after 20 minutes at the latest you can continue with the next step.

Suzu Papers - Easter eggs beautifully painted  Suzu Papers - painting Easter eggs

While the paint dries, you can practice your drawings on a piece of paper. On the egg you then either draw the drawing with a pencil or you dare to do it with the black paint. The rule here: Courage to be great! Otherwise your drawings will quickly get lost on the egg.

There are no limits to creativity and imagination, or your google “line art” for lots of great ideas and suggestions.

Suzu Papers - DIY Easter Egg Making  Suzu Papers - painting Easter eggs  Suzu Papers - Making Easter Eggs

And now have fun copying and giving away!


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