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The great Gift Guide for Mother's Day - Great Mother's Day gifts for every budget

by Susanne Meixner on April 22, 2020

Hi everyone,

Mother's Day is getting closer and soon it's time to say thank you - thanks for the best mom in the world! For always being there and supporting us in everything we do, right from the start. Regardless of the budget, whether you prefer to give something ready or prefer to use scissors and glue yourself - there is something for everyone in my Gift Guide for Mother's Day 😊. Hopefully these creative gift ideas will help you especially in the current time of contact restrictions. I have divided this gift guide for you into four categories: digital gift ideas (perfect for at home), time for two, self-made items and gifts to buy. Here we go!

Overview with links to the main topics of this blog post:

1 digital gift ideas
1.1 Handlettering online course
1.2 Your best self
2 time instead of stuff
2.1 wellness
2.2 climbing garden
2.3 City trip
2.4 Baking course
3 The most beautiful gifts are homemade
3.1 Bake for mom
3.2 Make the explosion box yourself
3.3 Make a photo gift yourself
4 original gift ideas to buy

1 digital gift ideas

1.1 Handlettering online course

Does your mother always like to learn something new? Then you give a hand lettering online course! Hand lettering is very popular right now and not without reason: it is just a lot of fun and you do not have to have nice letters to start hand lettering. You don't need any previous knowledge and with a little practice you can learn to conjure up great creations like this:

Mother's Day gift idea - hand lettering online course - suzu papers blog

The Hand lettering online course* Timo has a total of 45 lessons and over 6 hours of video material teaching step-by-step how to write. There are also many great exercise sheets included as PDFs for download in the course. If your mother likes to tinker and learn new things, such an online course is definitely a great gift idea and something different! Wouldn't it be nice if your gift gave you a new hobby?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Handlettering Online Course - Suzu Papers Blog Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Digital Gift Ideas - Suzu Papers Blog

Not to forget: you can take the online course from home and at your own pace. Especially now that you spend most of your time at home, this course is an ideal gift idea for your mom, your best friend and just everyone who has a creative streak and wants to develop 😊. You can easily complete the first introductory lessons without special lettering pens and achieve great results. Here* go to the course!

Hand lettering course

1.2 Your best self

When I was looking for digital gift ideas, I came across another special kind of gift: a gift in the form of a video series full of inspiring videos with valuable tips for personal fulfillment. You can give them away in the form of a gift envelope with a code to print out. With this you can easily access the video series. If the idea of ​​sustainability is important to you when it comes to gifts and you are looking for an appreciative gift that does not stand on the shelf after a few days, then take a look Here* past.

Your best self

2 time instead of stuff

Probably the most beautiful gift for your mom is time for two - especially if you no longer live together and cannot see each other so often: how about a real mother-daughter day again? Spend a whole day with your mother and enjoy valuable time together. Especially since there is currently a ban on contact, it is definitely all the better to spend time with your loved ones in the time after Corona. Just give a voucher and make a fixed appointment that you can look forward to. Have extensive breakfast together, then relax in the wellness area and end the evening in the cinema. Sounds great doesn't it? So you have time to chat properly and forget everyday life. The moments together will surely be remembered for a long time!

At canva you can easily design and print your vouchers yourself free of charge.

2.1 wellness

Mothers are one thing, true everyday heroines! They master child, job, household and all the big and small problems at home for us. How about a wellness voucher that you can redeem together so that your mom can really relax again? At Mother-Daughter Wellness Day, for example, she can have a relaxing one Massage* treat yourself or you can make a whole one Wellness holiday* over the weekend. Whether in a wellness hotel or at home - it doesn't matter, just let your mind wander and enjoy the break from everyday madness together.

Wellness and massage

2.2 climbing garden

A very special outdoor activity in which trust and mutual bond play an important role: Take your mom on a trip to the high ropes course! In lofty heights you help each other, encourage yourself and overcome all obstacles together. This trip together will not be boring and at the end of the day you can be very proud of yourself! Here* you will find a variety of high ropes courses right near you.

High ropes course climbing forest

2.3 City trip

Did your mom tell you about a city she always wanted to see? If so, then go ahead! Explore a new city together and visit the most beautiful sights together. After the sightseeing tour, look for a hip cafe or restaurant and discover the local specialties - an excursion that you will surely remember for a long time. Here* you can choose your city trips together with your mother very flexibly or Vouchers for city trips* to order!

City trip voucher

2.4 Baking course

Your mom loves delicious desserts and likes to try new things in the kitchen? Above all, can't she say no to cakes and pies? How about a joint baking course where you can let off steam with culinary delights? Bakes and decorates cakes and other goodies together. Enjoy your created delicacies after the work is done and let the day end perfectly. Here* go to the right offers.

Baking course voucher

As you can see there are so many different ways to make a day beautiful together. Treat yourself to your own personal time together!

3 The most beautiful gifts are homemade

3.1 Bake for mom

How many times has your mom baked a delicious cake for you? Whether for a birthday or just for the sake of it - I weather more often than you can count. On Mother's Day you can reciprocate and bake something great for her. A beautiful cake topper gives your cake a very special touch, especially on Mother's Day:

Wooden cake topper - mom you're wonderful - suzu papers Cake topper made of acrylic - best mom - suzu papers Acrylic Cake Topper - Mama - Suzu Papers Cake Topper - Thank You Mom - Suzu Papers

If you like the cake plugs, you can find them here on our website: Best Mom, Mom you are wonderful, thank you Mama, Mamma

I also picked out a few delicious recipes for Mother's Day:

3.2 Make an explosion box yourself

Have you ever made an explosion box yourself? For me, explosion boxes are THE gift idea par excellence. They are personal and you can give them away for any occasion, because they offer an infinite number of design options and guarantee a great surprise effect when opening. The classic explosion box consists of a square base with four simple square side surfaces that unfold explosively as soon as the lid of the box is removed. Your photos and moving design elements can be stored inside the box. How to make a box like in the picture below I explain step-by-step in this Blog Post. If you have never made an explosion box and would like to learn more about it, feel free to check it out Blog Post with the basics of making an explosion box. In the meantime, there are even pre-made boxes in which you only have to stick your pictures. Decide here how much you want to do yourself.

Make an explosion box for Mother's Day - Suzu Papers Blog

3.3. Make a photo leporello yourself

Capture your best moments together in a self-made photo box (mini photo album). With this personal gift set to design yourself, you already get a finished box and folding card with wooden gift tags and you only have to fill them with your favorite photos. You can fill the remaining free space with sayings or other kind words that you always wanted to tell your mother. A personal and unique gift. Here* you can order the DIY kit:

Self-filling gift set - Photo gift for Mother's Day - Suzu Papers

Gift box Mother's Day with photos and wooden heart - Suzu Papers

4 original gift ideas to buy

If you would rather buy something ready, I have browsed for you and looked for special gift ideas to buy. Since I have a small online shop for handmade items, I try to support small businesses with handmade products. The products selected below are available on Amazon Handmade and I particularly like them, as many of them are customizable and therefore unique 😊.

  • Personalized keychain for your mother

  • Sweet gift idea for freshly baked mothers: chain with individual names

  • Personalized family chain with engraving

  • Family saying to put up or hang up

  • Sweet necklace with real flower

  • Mom book to fill out

So these were my gift ideas for Mother's Day 😊. I hope you have found something for your mother and can give you a little joy. If you have other great Mother's Day gift ideas, feel free to leave a comment - I'm looking forward to your ideas! I look forward to your feedback and wish you a nice Mother's Day!

See you soon! Your

The IDEE Creativmarkt and Rayher hobby market are great online shops for craft supplies. Here you will find the necessary material for all kinds of DIY projects: whether tinkering, Knit, sew or make jewelry - there is something for everyone! Take a look at the following links *:

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