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Step-by-step instructions: DIY macrame fir trees as a gift tag or for decorating

by Stefanie Ruff on December 10, 2020

Hi everyone,

Today I will make little macramé fir trees with you, with which you can decorate your presents and Christmas cards or decorate your home. The fir trees are super easy to knot and ready in about 20 minutes.

Suzu Papers - DIY macrame Christmas tree

For the macrame Christmas tree you need:

Suzu Papers - DIY macrame fir tree

First you cut your macrame thread. You need a thread with a length of 40 cm and 26 smaller threads, each about 14 cm long. If you still have small bits of thread left over, you can use them here optimally. It doesn't matter if the threads are not all exactly the same length (1 - 2 cm difference is ok). You can then simply knot the threads in steps, since the fir tree is narrower at the top than at the bottom anyway.

 Suzu Papers - DIY macrame fir tree  Suzu Papers - do-it-yourself macrame fir trees

Next you take your 40 cm thread twice and make a simple knot in it, so that a small loop is created at the top. This thread is your guide. It is not used to knot later.
So that the guide does not slip afterwards when the knot is made, it is best to stick it to the table with a piece of adhesive tape. Depending on how hard you tighten the knot, it can quickly happen that the loop slips out from under the adhesive tape. Here you can use the nylon cord to help. Simply knot it to the loop and glue it to the table, then you have a larger adhesive surface.

Suzu Papers - DIY macrame fir trees to make yourself  Suzu Papers - Macrame Fir Tree DIY Project  Suzu Papers - homemade macrame fir trees

Now you knot your first thread. If you have threads of different lengths, start with the shortest thread. Take the thread twice and place it under your guide with the open end from the right. Then you take the next thread. Also take it twice and place it from the left with the open end at the same height above your guide and the first thread. Now pull the two ends on the right side through the loop underneath and on the left side both ends through the loop above. In the next step you pull the two ends evenly outwards and thus tighten the knot. Then push it close to the previous knot.

Suzu Papers - Macrame Christmas Tree Quick and Easy

This is how you proceed with all other threads. If the yarn length is different, it is best to go up.

Suzu Papers - make macrame Christmas tree advent decorations  Suzu Papers - Macrame Fir Tree Christmas Ornaments

Now all you have to do is cut your Christmas tree into shape. You can either do it by eye or you can cut a template out of a piece of paper and place it on your macrame tree. You can then easily cut along the edge.

 Suzu Papers - Macrame Tree DIY  Suzu Papers - simply tie and knot the macrame tree

Depending on the use, you can now pull twine through the loop to tie it tight and your DIY macrame Christmas tree is ready. I now wish you a lot of fun knotting and a Merry Christmas!


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