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DIY wedding invitation template with step-by-step instructions

by Stefanie Ruff on July 28, 2021

Hi everyone,

In this blog post we show you how you can easily use our DIY template you can design and tinker your own wedding invitations yourself. You can find the complete video tutorial in the post below.

Suzupapers DIY invitation wedding    Suzupapers Invitation Wedding DIY

To start with, a few important information about our DIY template:

We provide you with the template in two different versions. Both versions are available for download after purchase. Here you come directly to the shop.

  • A4 format (21x29,7 cm): You should use this format if you want to print out the invitations yourself at home or in a photocopy shop. Make sure to use thicker paper for printing so that the drawing mechanism is stable (200-250g, for example this* Paper).  

  • Data format 21,6 cm x 30,3 cm: This final format is required by most online print shops and takes 3mm trim all round into account. We can do you for example this Recommend online printing company. Simply order flyers in A4 format here in the number of items you want - printed on one side with a grammage of 350g. The Word file has already been created in the correct size and after inserting your desired text it only needs to be saved as a PDF file and uploaded to the online print shop when ordering (please convert the template to a PDF file separately on page 1 and page 2 and order as two separate items). 


Since the template is provided as a Word file, you can easily fill the text fields with your desired text and use the fonts available to you. If you don't like any of the pre-installed fonts on your computer, there are great packages with many different fonts to download here (Example 1*|Example 2*).  

Fonts Creativemarket - Suzu Papers Recommendation 

Our tips for printing the picture: 

On the front of the invitation cards there is a photo next to the pull element. The photo should ideally have a size of 6x8 cm. Either you print out the photos yourself in the appropriate size, or you cut out the rectangle on page 2 of the template and use it as a template. A cheap option for printing the photos is to download a collagen app in the app store of your smartphone and print out four pictures as one photo (13x17 format) in your drugstore. For example, we used the Line Camera app to create a collage with four pictures in 3: 4 format and dragged a white frame (thickness 60%) around it. This means that the images are the ideal size and are inexpensive to print. 

Instructions for preparing pictures with photo collage app

You will need these materials: 

To do handicrafts yourself you only need a few tools, many of which you probably already have at home: 

Optional to make your handicrafts easier:

Program for editing the template:

  • Microsoft Word

Below we show you step-by-step how to make the invitations yourself can!

After you have bought and downloaded the template in the shop, you have to adapt the text to your wedding and individualize it. Then you can order the appropriate amount from an online print shop or print it out yourself. You also have to have the image developed in the required number.

Suzupapers materials

As soon as you have printed out all of the printing materials and have the necessary tools ready, you can start tinkering!

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 4  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 5

First take page 1 and place the sheet on a cutting mat or other suitable surface. First you place the ruler on the front of the text element on the two lines as described and cut the lines with the help of a cutter. Then cut out all the elements on this side along the gray outline with a cutting machine or scissors.

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 1  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 2  Suzupapers DIY Instructions 1

On page 2 lyou put the ruler on two opposite blue auxiliary lines and lightly scratch the distance between them with a cutter. At the scored point you can later fold the paper more easily (fold line). Also cut out all elements along the gray outline here.

Suzupapers Instructions DIY 1

In the next step you stick double-sided adhesive tape on all red fields.

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 7  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 8

Now fold the box backwards at all of the previously scored fold lines.

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 9  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 10  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 11

Now peel off the film from the double-sided adhesive tape (this is very easy with a pair of tweezers) and stick the four cut-out rectangles from side 1 to the markings. Start with marker no. 1 and pay attention to the order!

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 12  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 13

Next, take the hole punch and punch a hole at the marked location. If you would like to have rounded corners, you can do this now with the corner punch. 

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 14 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 15 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 16

Now push the back of the pull tab through the tab on the text element Front, then pull off the adhesive strip and stick the front of the pull tab flush onto it. 

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 17 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 18 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 19

Next, cut a piece of satin ribbon, thread it through the hole and knot it. Here you have your pulling mechanism.

 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 20 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 21  Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 22

For the next step, take your developed pictures to hand. If necessary, cut them to size according to the template, round off the corners if you like and stick the picture on the marked area with double-sided adhesive tape.

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 23 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 24

Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 25 Suzupapers DIY Invitation Instructions 26

Finally, you take your text element front with the finished drawing element and your text element back and stick them with double-sided adhesive tape in the middle of a cardboard box in your desired color in the size DIN long. In order not to block the pulling mechanism, make sure that you leave enough space around the slots and that you do not accidentally glue the cardboard box, which should still be moving, in place.

Suzupaper's invitation homemade 

We hope you enjoyed our guide! 

You are also welcome to take a look the video instructions on our UAF YouTube Channel on:


Feel free to share a picture of your finished invitation with us and link us on Instagram (@suzupapers). We look forward to your pictures, wish you a lot of fun with handicrafts and a wonderful wedding celebration! 

See you soon! Your

The IDEE Creativmarkt and Rayher hobby market are great online shops for craft supplies. Here you will find the necessary material for all kinds of DIY projects: whether tinkering,  Knit, sew or make jewelry - there is something for everyone! Take a look at the following links *: 


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