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DIY gift idea for Mother's Day - gift box with engraved wooden heart and integrated photo gift

by Susanne Meixner on April 13, 2020

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you a great gift idea for Mother's Day. It's a mix of DIY and a ready-made Mother's Day gift - super easy and quick to make, but still personal & unique 😊.

Mother's Day Gift - Wooden Heart and DIY Photo Gift Box - Suzu Papers

This beautiful gift box with an integrated folding photo book recently moved into the shop. The box is closed with a satin ribbon and an individually engraved wooden heart pendant. The wooden heart is not only a nice decoration and packaging idea for your gift but will also find its place in your parents' house as a memento after Mother's Day. For example as a pendant on the branches of the spring decoration, on the wall or as a saucer.

Mother's Day Gift - Wooden Heart Mother's Birthday Gift - Suzu Papers

Inside the telescope box is a leporello with plenty of space for pictures of you two, lovely words that you always wanted to say to your mother and small handicraft elements. If you want to expand the gift, there is still enough space above the fold-out booklet in the gift box to accommodate a small gift such as jewelry. You can buy the wooden heart together with the small gift box in white, gold and black including a fanfold here. in our online shop or on Etsy Amazon order. 

Mother's Day gift DIY gift box with pictures - Suzu Papers

The leporello has already been cut out and pre-folded. Double-sided tape is already attached to the bottom square. It is easier to decorate the leporello when it is unfolded, to write on it and to stick your pictures on. When you have finished designing the Leporello, you can simply peel off the protective film over the double-sided adhesive tape and stick the folder inside the box. A template (6,5x6,5 cm) is also included to make it easier for you to crop your photos. You can simply put these on top of your printed pictures, trace the edge with the pencil and cut out the photos. This means that all images are the ideal size and fit perfectly on the individual surfaces of the folding card. For printing out photos at home, I usually use somewhat thicker printer paper such as, for example this* here. The Leporello consists of black cardboard. It's best to use one to label it white gel pen*, or glue the areas with colored cardboard or motif cardboard and write your text on it. 

Finally, I would like to give you some inspiration on how to decorate the folding card in addition to pictures and texts. How about:

  • A couple of mini envelopes with memorabilia
  • A heart origami
  • A flower envelope
  • Different folding cards
  • A washitape garland
  • A slider card
  • A draw card
  • A pop-up card

Personally, I think self-made gifts are the most beautiful gifts and simply something special, especially in today's world and our consumer society. Don't you think DIY gifts also convey a special feeling, are simply more personal and show the recipient that you have thought about it? 

Feel free to write me your favorite DIY gift idea for mom in the comments and let me know which gift your mom can look forward to this year 😊. In the next blog post there is a detailed Gift Guide on Mother's Day, in which I would like to show you a variety of gift ideas for mom. From time to time, digital gift ideas, homemade gifts and gifts to buy are sure to have something for everyone - no matter what your budget is. I would be happy to see you again.

See you soon! Your

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