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Advent calendar made quickly & 3x24 ideas for your loved ones! Perfect for the partner, the girlfriend and the little ones

by Stefanie Ruff on November 21, 2020

Hi everyone,

Today I'll make a quick DIY advent calendar with you that you can fill up every year.

Suzu Papers - DIY Advent wreath

For this you need the following utensils:

Suzu Papers - DIY Advent wreath yourself

Now all you have to do is label the clothespins from 1 to 24, fill the bags and find a suitable place to hang it up. If one or the other gift is too big for the sachet, individually wrapped gifts also look great in between.

Suzu Papers - make your own advent calendar

Decorated with small Christmas balls and fir branches, you already have the Christmas decorations and a great surprise for your loved ones!

Suzu Papers - Advent Calendar Make Advent calendars yourself DIY

Still have no idea what you can fill your advent calendar with? Then I have 3x24 surprises for you, which are sure to have something for everyone!

Sustainable advent calendar content for bakers, cooks or just connoisseurs

Suzu Papers - fill advent calendar - cook ideas sustainably

    Advent calendar content for men:

    Suzu Papers - Advent Calendar Content - Calendar for Men

      Content of the advent calendar for children:

      Suzu Papers - fill advent calendar for children

        I hope you enjoyed the post and have a lot of fun giving it away! Feel free to comment on what you like to fill your advent calendar with.

        See you soon and have a nice Christmas time! Your

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