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Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige
Hochzeitsbox Beige

    Wedding Gift Box AIYANA Beige


      A wedding is an occasion for special gifts. With the AIYANA wedding box you have found a premium gift box for this unique event of your loved ones.

      This gift box, also called explosion box, is individually handmade and therefore, in the truest sense of the word, a unique and personal wedding gift. For the production of our products we use only selected, high-quality papers and decoration materials. The wedding box "Aiyana" offers you a prefabricated product designed with love and yet with enough space for individuality. The gift box contains a folding card for your personal congratulations to the bridal couple. In addition, you will also find a pocket where you can put in your cash gifts, vouchers, pictures etc. Therefore, the box can be ideally used as a personalized gift for weddings as well as a wedding card.

      When the lid of the wedding box is opened, the four walls fold down and the interior design becomes visible: in the middle of the box there are two wedding chairs with a cream-colored bow in a white pavilion. In front of the chairs, there are two gold-colored wedding rings. Behind the pavilion, you can see the silhouette of a bridal couple lined with cream-colored satin bows. The front side of the pavilion is decorated with a green-white heart which is decorated with the word "Ja" ("I do" in German Language).


      Color: Beige, white, green
      Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
      Materials: Various types of paper, satin florets and bows, plastic beads, plastic book hearts, acrylic rings, various adhesives
      Production Method: Handmade by gluing, folding, punching and cutting   
      Place of Manufacture: Germany





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