Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
Fußmatte FAMILIE - Suzu Papers
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    FAMILY doormat


      This customizable coconut doormat not only ensures clean shoes, but also gives your entrance area a very personal touch. Ideal as a gift for friends and family to move into their new home or simply for yourself.

      ✔️ PERSONALIZATION: This doormat with an individual family name and year of move-in or wedding year is the perfect welcome greeting for your home and a real eye-catcher in the entrance area in front of your apartment or the house entrance.
      ✔️ HIGH QUALITY: The high-quality laser engraving imprints your name and desired year on the coconut mat with high accuracy and attention to detail. The top layer of the mat is removed and the motif is permanently burned in.
      ✔️ CLEANLINESS: The dense natural fibers of the coconut mat behave like small brushes on the soles of your shoes and effectively remove dirt from your shoes when you step on them.
      ✔️ NON-SLIP: The door rug is secured on the back with a non-slip latex rubber pad. This lies reliably and securely on the floor both inside and outside. The doormat is therefore perfectly suitable in the stairwell, hallway, office, as well as on the terrace or on the balcony.
      ✔️ EASY-CARE: The dirt trap mat is quick and easy to clean. Simply shake it out or vacuum it off if necessary.

      Product information:

      • Engraving: High-quality laser engraving with the word "FAMILY", your individual family name and your individual preferred year. Please send us your Surnames and you Move-in year immediately after ordering by e-mail (info@suzupapers.de).
      • Material: 99,5% coconut fiber and 0,5% polyethylene on the top, non-slip bottom made of latex
      • Color: Natural (brown)
      • Dimensions: approx. 40x60x1,5 cm

      Suzu Papers - Personalized Coconut Doormat Dimensions

      Important hints:

      • Suitable for use indoors as well as in weather-protected outdoor areas (such as in the hallway under a canopy).
      • The mat should not be exposed to permanent moisture or wetness. We do not accept any liability for mats that are used outdoors without weather protection.
      • Depending on the use, this mat can lose coconut fibers.
      • Please note that the color of the photos may differ from the original product depending on the screen and only the doormat without decoration is for sale.
      • Since the doormat is personalized with your name, it cannot be exchanged. A return is therefore not possible.




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